top 4 most prescribed drugs

Top 4 Most Prescribed Drugs

What Top 4 Most Prescribed Drugs says about England population. The Health Survey For England 2013 reported the 4 classes of medicine below as the top 4 most prescribed in uk. 1. Lipid-lowering medicines: This class of drug lowers the level of bad lipids in the body. Lifestyle behaviours greatly impact lipid levels. If lifestyle changes such […]

Nine-Year-Old Given Methadone Instead Of Trimethoprim

In Nottingham a nine-year-old girl was rushed to the Emergency Unit after the pharmacist mistakenly supplied Methadone against a Trimethoprim prescription. Nine-year-old Ruby was prescribed Trimethoprim for a urine infection which her Mother presented to the pharmacist at Manor Pharmacy Meadows on Tuesday. The pharmacist supplied what was believed to be antibiotics to the mother […]