Pharmacist Pre-Registration

Pharmacist Pre-Registration Focal Point 1

Pre-Registration Focal Point 1: Over The Counter Over The Counter (OTC) is assumed easy for Pre-Registration Pharmacists in the community sector. However no pre-registration student should be at a disadvantage. PharmacistDiary has compiled a list of useful information and tips tailored for all Pre-registration pharmacists. In a community sector, an ideal first step will be […]

Pharmacist Pre-Registration

Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training

Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training scheme welcomed new batch of pharmacy students. The next 52 weeks is crucial and determines pharmacists success rate. There is so much vital experience and knowledge to gain during the year, this will shape individuals career paths. No one single book available that tells you all you need to […]

pre-registration assessment

Pre-Registration Assessment Marking Changed.

Pre-Registration assessment marking changed. The General Pharmaceutical Council puts a stop to Pre-Registration candidates requesting a remark. The pre-registration assessment marking system was previously a single marking process. Unsuccessful candidates had the option to request a re-mark. This service entails an independent assessor manually re-marking the candidates answer sheet at a cost of ¬£110. Fact : No […]