Medicine Recall: Xarelto

Medicine Recall: Xarelto tablets (Rivaroxaban)

Medicine Recall: Xarelto 20 mg film-coated tablets (Rivaroxaban)   Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals Ltd is recalling a single batch of Xarelto 20mg film-coated tablets (Rivaroxaban) because of reports of rogue blister strips of 15 mg tablets within two packs of 20 mg¬†tablets. The labelling on one side of the blister strips reflects the correct strength of the […]


Medicine Recall: Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops

Medicine Recall: Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v 13.5 mL Eye Drops. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: released a Class 2 Medicines Recall on Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v 13.5 mL Eye Drops. A Class 2¬†classification, specifies a recall within 48 hours. The defect could harm the patient but is not life-threatening. The Manufacturer FDC International Ltd […]