mental health awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Surviving or Thriving?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 theme: Surviving or Thriving? This year’s mental health awareness theme, is focusing on ways we can thrive for good mental health. It can be extremely difficult to know how to help someone survive and pass through life challenges. Today Pharmacist Diary Blog will provide a quick resource to help raise awareness and […]

contraception hormones

Before Contraception Hormones There Was Natural Birth Control

Contraception is the use of any process, device or drug to suppress ovulation or fertilisation. In the UK they are over 10 methods of contraception. Women of childbearing age, should have some degree of understanding of contraception in order to avoid unintended pregnancy. Read along and have an understanding of contraceptive methods available in the […]

Ask A Pharmacist

Ask A Pharmacist 

Hello Everyone, Am introducing this project I have been working on for a few months called Ask a Pharmacist. Ask a Pharmacist is an online platform that provides you with the opportunity to ask a UK Qualified Pharmacist: Health and Wellbeing Questions, How to Manage a Medical Condition, Obtain Relevant and Reliable Advice. All from the Comfort of […]