Pharmacist Pre-Registration Focal Point 1

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Pre-Registration Focal Point 1: Over The Counter

Over The Counter (OTC) is assumed easy for Pre-Registration Pharmacists in the community sector. However no pre-registration student should be at a disadvantage. PharmacistDiary has compiled a list of useful information and tips tailored for all Pre-registration pharmacists.

In a community sector, an ideal first step will be to carry out a Shop Floor Walk.
To achieve an understanding of where products are placed. A community pharmacy lucky enough is also a business. The shop floor layout is categorised. Use this to your advantage and learn different medication used in certain ailments.

Do not shy away from the counter. Speak to customers the earlier you do this, the more knowledge you gain and the quicker you grow your confidence. Remember the new GPhC style of assessment, is greater patient focus.

No Job Is Little

No job is little or irrelevant. Carry out all the task you are asked too. The idea of being a pharmacist and still able to carry out all pharmacy tasks is priceless.
Ask to put the order away? That is an opportunity to have a better understanding of the shop floor and dispensary.
Ask to count the scripts at the end of the day? This will help you to remember to legally check the script make sure it is signed and dated and also to understand the various types of NHS exemptions .


1. CPPE Responding to Minor Ailments: this book needs no further introduction. It contains information on minor ailments that frequently present in the community pharmacy. Most OTC books available tells you to ‘refer to the pharmacist’. The issue is you are the pharmacist what next then? CPPE responding to minor ailment tells you what to do as the pharmacist, it contains GP comments and also different diagnosis.
The book has 8 chapters, if you study one chapter a week, that will be ideal. Do not forget to actively use the knowledge and share useful information with patients on the counter.

2. OTC Counter Intelligence Book: This is useful for visual learners and particularly pre-registration pharmacists in the Industry and Hospital settings. The book contains visual illustrations of OTC products. it is worth getting a hold of in order to familiarise yourself with the items and aid revision.


1. Pre-registration is a major course of severe tiredness. Study during Work Hours. It takes time to settle into studying evenings after work.

2. Use your Lunch Break wisely.

3. Be Disciplined. There is no one to remind you its study time.

4.  Use the knowledge you gain from OTC revision. Be Proactive

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