5 Things I Wish I knew When I Was In Pharmacy School

5 Things I Wish I knew When I Was In Pharmacy School

Like most alumni, I reflect on my time at School of Pharmacy. Instantly I highlight areas I could have handled differently.
I wish I knew things, that would have made my time at the university better and set my transition year to a full-time pharmacist a lot easier.  Unfortunately I am not able to time-travel, I can only wish my post makes an impact on all my student subscribers and other students across the country. Here are 5 things I wish I knew when I was in Pharmacy School. 


No 1



I wish I had a better hold of my Finance:

Yup! I was one of them. I struggled with money and the truth is I graduated with debt and it took me just over 2 years to pay off.

No 2

I wish I built a stronger Foundation:
Pharmacy degree is twinned with calculations. I wish I spent time understanding the basic mathematics.
Life would have been easier.  


No 3


I wish I built a bigger Network:
I had a niche relationship with colleagues, I never thought about having friends outside the pharmacy department.
It turns out if I want to go far I need a network of diverse people. 

No 4 


I wish I did not Stress constantly:
I remember staying up at night and wandering “what’s next after university”, writing endless to-do list. All my sleepless nights were unnecessary because all the things I stressed over are irrelevant now.
Truly Life has a way of sorting itself out.

No 5




I wish I was more Involved:

I constantly shied away from activities, which affected my exposure and limited my social life.  

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