A Day In The Life Of A Community Pharmacist

A Day In The Life Of A Community Pharmacist

Wonder what a pharmacy career really looks like? This is a typical day in the life of a community Pharmacist.


Walking into the dispensary and I sign in as the Responsible Pharmacist, a simple task that carries the weight of bricks. I have a quick catch up with my work colleagues, we share few laughs for we need them to look back and hold on to as the day goes.

I start with checking prescriptions, I try to the best of my knowledge and available resources to be accurate and clinically check prescriptions. High priority to the call backs from the previous day.

As a community pharmacist, patient interaction is our backbone.

I spend around 80% of the day providing information and recommending best treatment plans. Along side advising on minor ailments, I also offer various services including flu vaccination. medicine use reviews, emergency contraception. While offering services I interact with patients, ask how they are doing and if they have any questions I can help with. This helps the patient relax and talk about health concerns.

A few hours into my shift I will normally have my first phone call query.

A worried mother seeking advice on how to administer antibiotics as her little one hates the taste. I recommend they try to mask the taste with fruit juice or yogurt. Another method will be to numb the taste buds with ice cream or something sweet before administering antibiotics. 

The morning order arrives. On an average I two to three controlled drugs to enter into the register. I find it useful to check the balance as I write them in (I have resolved a few discrepancies this way).

My next task is to send prescriptions to off-site dispensing. This involves me accurately and clinically checking prescriptions on the dispensing system and send off. When it works it is brilliant. It takes the pressure off and allows me to deal with waiters and call backs.

Along the day I have encounters with dissatisfied patient. One important skill all pharmacist have is problem solving. I try to stay calm and resolve the situation and ensure patients are satisfied.

As the morning goes I start to slowly feel the exhaustion. It is almost lunch time so I hold on. Put my head down and carry on with checking prescriptions.


Oh sweet lunchtime.

My one time to step out and just feel the cold breeze on my cheeks.

To take a deep breath and refresh. To realise am half way through the day.

However somedays lunchtime is somewhat a distance memory. Due to the working lunch theory.

Lunch break can be interrupted in 10 minutes intervals.


Eventually I accept defeat and head back to work. The last half of the day.

I can do this.

When I get back I have minimum four patients waiting for their prescriptions to be checked. Once I check and hand out the prescriptions I will carry on working on the prescriptions sent from the surgery. During the flu season, the pharmacy offers a walk in service where NHS and private patients can walk in get vaccinated.

I answer questions across the day covering minor ailments such as

” ibuprofen for back pain and on blood pressure medication ”

” itchy eye with discharge ”

I try to always keep my checking spot tidy and clutter free. It is very important to have a clear working bench to reduce the possibilities of error.

Soon enough it is home time, I bag the CD cabinet keys and hand it over to be locked away in the safe.

The End

Time to Relax.

I was introduced to this relaxation audio which I am currently incorporating into my evening routine.

Relaxation Recording

The Life Of A Community Pharmacist

A Day In The Life Of A Community Pharmacist; Saturday Edition.


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