Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Surviving or Thriving?

mental health awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 theme: Surviving or Thriving?

This year’s mental health awareness theme, is focusing on ways we can thrive for good mental health. It can be extremely difficult to know how to help someone survive and pass through life challenges. Today Pharmacist Diary Blog will provide a quick resource to help raise awareness and ensure we all experience healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Read Olivia’s story as she survives a traumatic event. she pushes forward through a dark time and thrives to enjoy life.

Mental Health Awareness Week

A month ago I came across a young lady Olivia. At first sight, she was full of life. She smiled at her husband while he held their little daughter with genuine love and care. She seemed content. I thought I could learn so much from her and indeed i learnt beyond my imagination.

From the moment Olivia held her baby girl she had this deep feeling of sadness. She felt she was not good enough.  She was unable to share her feelings with friends and family around her because of the fear of judgement.

Soon after Olivia’s baby was born, Her husband had to go back to work. This brought about a fog of depression, she spends all day with a toddler unable to communicate with the outside world. she found reasons why she is not a good mum.

In the heat of the moment, Olivia could not carry on, she was ready to let go and just then, she experienced a moment of happiness. She wanted such happiness. She was ready to go back to her normal self.

Olivia is surviving daily challenges and continues to thrive to enjoy life. 

==== Pharmacist Diary highlighted 3 easy steps to help the situation.=====

Mental health awareness

Tip 1 Listen: There is power in providing a safe place for individuals to talk. You do not need to provide a solution. Just listen without judging nor criticising.

Tip 2 Support: Do not try to make them change the way they feel, be patient and be there through their medication routine. This will provide them with sense of care and know they are not alone.

Tip 3 Encourage: Encourage self help techniques such as Breathing Exercise. Encourage individuals to write down questions they might want to ask their doctor or other healthcare professionals.

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    May 9, 2017 at 07:39

    the Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) can also provide great support.


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