Danger! Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

Danger! Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

Danger! Keep out of the reach of children

Medicines help the body work properly. However if a medicine is not taking the right way it can be harmful especially in children. NHS reports an average of 40,000 children hospital admissions yearly.  70% is a result of medicine poisoning. 
It is a legal requirement for pharmacists, to display ‘Keep out of the reach of children’ on all dispensed medicines. This is to improve patient safety.
A few ways to Keep out of the reach of children and provide a safe home for children.

1. Educate The Children:
Teach children about the safe use of medicine. This will provide them with an understanding of dangers associated with medicine digestion. Pharmacist diary offers Medicine Use and Safety Workshop tailored for pupils between the age of 5 and 11. Medicine Safety Workshop For Schools Here

2. Pick A Safe Place:
A locked cabinet will be ideal. An alternate is a high cabinet. Medicines should be kept safely out of reach and sight of children after every use.

3. Child-Resistant Packaging:
Pharmacists dispense medication in child-resistant packaging where possible, in order to improve safe storage. After medicine administration, child lock should be activated.

Incase Of An Emergency Contact:
UK National Poisons Information Services : 0844 892 0111

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