Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training

Pre Reg Progress Report: How Do I Get Sign Off

Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training

Pharmacist Pre-Registration Training scheme welcomed new batch of pharmacy students. The next 52 weeks is crucial and determines pharmacists success rate. There is so much vital experience and knowledge to gain during the year, this will shape individuals career paths. No one single book available that tells you all you need to know about pharmacy or how to run a dispensary, it comes from hands on experience throughout the allocated 52 weeks.

It is not too late to start pre-registration training. The deadline to start approved training in time to enter the 2018 autumn assessment is 10th November 2017.
A few vacancies Below:

  1. Halls The Chemist
  2. Anstey Road Pharmacy
  3. DrugMart Pharmacy

Congratulations for coming this far, you have one last huddle to be a fully Qualified Pharmacist. Just a few tips to get you settled in to your new role (Pre Registration Pharmacist).
1. Establish a rapport with your allocated Tutor and Team. It makes learning easy and straightforward.
2. Be ready to learn and carry out activities.
3. Start working on achieving the required ‘performance standard’.
4. Take responsibility of your learning. (If you don’t know ask.)
5. Do not use all your holiday entitlement. Save at least 10days for the exam.

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My Pre-Registration Timeline

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