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How To: Work From Home Tips

I have been working from home for the last 12 weeks and in this time I learned a great deal and I will love to share all my tips on how to work from home effectively. How to be productive when you work from home.

Start the day right

It is very important to start the day right. In the last 12 weeks I have tried various combinations and I discovered my most productive day had the right recipe. I wake up an hour before I have to start work. This gives me time to exercise, have a wash, dress up and get ready for work. Morning exercise gets me focused, energetic and prepared for the day. Dressing up gets me ready for my meetings and not tempted to snooze in my pjs.

Create a dedicated workspace

Having a dedicated workspace contributes to a productive day. My first week working from home, I did not have a dedicated workspace. I could not get comfortable, I struggled to concentrate and ultimately I was not my best version. A couple of days later my workspace was created, a basic set up; table, chair and a computer screen. Having a dedicated workspace is a game changer; I now sitting upright, I have a stable screen to work with and I am comfortable while working and in return this increases my productivity.

Take regular breaks

It is so easy to get carried away with work and forget to take a break. When working in the office, it is natural to have breaks to check in with colleagues or to make a tea round this is not the case when you work from home. Also working from home is associated with a significant amount of virtual calls to keep teams connected this makes it so easy to lose track of time. I will recommend penciling breaks in your diary, this reminds me to take breaks.

Stick to office hours

This sets a boundary, because working from home makes it easy to keep working pass contracted hours after all you do not have a commute ahead, you are comfortable and at home. This is a slippery slope, it will completely disconnect you from refreshing and socialising. After work hours I will recommend switch off the computer and relax. Go out for some fresh air, exercise it helps to break the circle of getting bored from being home all day.

I hope this post helps you establish a Work From Home routine.

Do leave a comment on how you are getting on; I will love to read all about how you work from home. 

how to work from home

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