What Are Your Weaknesses? Interview Question

what are your weaknesses

Self-awareness is inarguably the best gift to oneself.

When this question is asked during an interview, the interviewer aims to access:

  1. Is the candidate self aware?
  2. How open and honest is the candidate
  3. How the candidate develops, adapt and exhibit overall professional growth.

Having this in mind it is important to describe a situation where you exhibited weakness and what you did to improve or overcome.

What are your weaknesses?

Sample Answers

1. In a situation where I am responsible for leading a project to successful completion, I tend to self motivate and work hard to see completion. This has made me overlook my team members and not delegate tasks. As a result I have tried to use project management methodologies to allow me delegate easily and have an overview of the project and appropriate timescales.

2. As a healthcare professional, I have been trained to have and show a great deal of empathy. This sometimes become a challenge in situations where I am asked to give feedback to my team members. I have had to undertake series of courses such as the Mary Seacole Leadership and Management course to ensure I develop necessary skills required to provide constructive criticism thereby support my team members to become better healthcare professionals.

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