School Of Pharmacy: Back To School TAG

School Of Pharmacy

School Of Pharmacy: Back To School TAG

I am an alumna of Brighton University: School of Pharmacy. I spent four years in the pharmacy department. I attempt to answer some random questions about my time there.

Why Brighton University: I applied to universities based on their distance from my family (I didn’t want to be far from my sisters).
Brighton was my second choice, My first choice deferred my application and I just could not stay a whole year at home waiting.

Pharmacy Degree Overview: Its a Master of Pharmacy course, spread over 4 years. It comprised of chemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and practice of pharmacy. I found 3rd year was my most challenging year and 1st year was aka confused year

Final Year Project: I enjoyed my final year project. It was a pharmacy practice base project, I created a questionnaire to analyse community pharmacist’s knowledge on Infant Feeding. Thank you to all my gorgeous friends for helping me post those letters out across East Sussex.

Memorable Day: My most memorable day was my Graduation Day. From the moment I walked into the hall, I was so emotional. I had my greatest fans with me (mum & dad)

Favourite Module: my favourite has to be the Cardiovascular Module, I never missed a lesson. I loved learning about how the heart works; supplying blood all over the body, learning about drugs used for heart diseases.

Disconnected Module: I can’t remember the name of the module. It was a component of chemistry module in 2nd year. I was just not engaging.

Favourite Day: I had so many. The first day back after every summer break, Its the start of a new academic year, which means a step closer to becoming a pharmacist.

Go-To Lunch Spot: It highly depends on finances, but its either Chips and Beans from University Cafe or Chicken Pesto Panini from Costa.

Best Night Out: Pharmacy Ball. The PharmacySoceity went all out with a Great Gatsby theme ball. I had so much fun.

Advice to Current Students: not like anyone asked me but if I was asked I will say two things.
1. Enjoy Every Moment: it goes by really quickly and you will not experience a community like that again.
2. Make Real Friends; when you graduate and work full-time, it becomes difficult to maintain ‘surface friendship’.

What are your highlights of school?

Happy Weekend!!!

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