NHS Prescription: It Is All In The DETAIL

NHS Prescription: It Is All In The DETAIL

Experienced pharmacists highlights that “Attention to Detail”, is an essential skill to possess when working in a community pharmacy. This is vital because, as healthcare professionals, every information we provide or medication we dispense needs to be accurate and safe. 
I primarily dispense NHS prescription at my current job, which means I am constantly analysing NHS prescriptions daily. NHS prescription has tiny details that all mount up to key points.

I try to remember the first time I saw an NHS prescription but my memory has refuse to go back 6 years. If I was to make a guess of my reaction; “ermm information overload“😕.

Pharmacy Stamp:

This is a designated space for the dispensing pharmacy stamp to go on. Notice the little caution message saying “please don’t stamp over the age box” (tiny detail). Do not to cross over the allocated space.

Patient’s Age:

In other to carry out an appropriate clinical assessment, the patients age is required,. This will ensure the complete safety of the medication in use.

Patient’s Details:

This space is allocated for patients personal information. Identifying the right patient will be a good start.


This space allows the detail of drug brand dispensed to be recorded. It is very useful for NHS payment purposes.

Prescribed Medication:

The name of the drug, the form, the strength, the dose and the quantity are all stated here.

Prescriber’s Details:

Being a legal document in indelible ink, all prescriptions must be signed by the prescriber. A date is also required because all prescriptions are valid for a certain amount of time ().
Right at the bottom of the prescription form, the doctor’s name, surgery address, telephone and reference number is found.

No of Items:

Each drug prescribed is referred to as one item in pharmacy terms, except for the few tricky drugs that contains more than one active ingredient, in that case the number of active ingredients is referred to as the number of items.

Every Detail On A Prescription Contributes To Accurate Dispensing And Payment.

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