Community Pharmacy Summer Placement

Boots Pharmacy, LloydsPharmacy and Well Pharmacy Summer Vacation Programme applications are now open to 1st and 2nd and 3rd year pharmacy students.

Pharmacy Summer Placement is a fantastic opportunity to experience a practical work environment. The benefits of summer placements are endless and in most pharmacy chains, summer placements are the only way to get accepted into the Pre-Registration Training Programme.

Most Summer Placements are paid and provide great working flexibility. Summer Placement are structured to allow students learn about the Healthcare Counter and the Dispensary process in the community pharmacy.  

Summer Placement Students will have a dedicated tutor (Pharmacist) through out the placement, this allow students play a vital role in the local community by providing information and support through the high standard services delivered.
They will also shadow various members of the pharmacy team to acquire useful skills. 

Summer Placement Students are provided with a well-structured workbook; to ensure organised and easy learning in the community pharmacy.
The work book comprises of weekly action plan sheets and reflection record to fill-out with the help of designated Pharmacy Tutor.


Application Deadline:

Boots Pharmacy Placement 2017: 24th February Apply Here

LloydsPharmacy Summer Placement: 28th February Apply Here

Well Pharmacy Summer Placement: First Come First Serve Basis Apply Here


Community Pharmacy Summer Placement

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