50% Rise In ‘Unexpected Mental Health Deaths’ says BBC

mental health deaths

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of recorded mental health deaths in England.

BBC Panorama Programme features reports from the Freedom of Information request carried out against 33 Mental Health Trusts.
In 2012-13, the trusts reported a total of 2,067 death by either suicide, neglect or misadventure. And by 2015-16 that figure had risen to 3,160. 50% Rise In ‘Unexpected Mental Health Deaths’ says BBC

Panorama Revealed Britain’s Mental Health Crisis: Watch Here 

They are various causes of metal illness such as:
1. experiencing discrimination and stigma
2. severe or long-term stress
3. social disadvantage or Debt.

Being able to recognise signs of mental health is the first step of tackling this growing problem. Here are 5 common symptoms:
1. Self-Harm
2. Panic Attacks
3. Suicidal Feelings
4. Depression
5. Extreme Feelings of Guilt

If you have experienced any of this do not be ashamed to ask for help. Contacts Below:
Samaritans Click Here
Mind the mental health charity Click Here
Your local Pharmacist
Your GP

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