Pre-Registration Assessment Marking Changed.

pre-registration assessment

Pre-Registration assessment marking changed. The General Pharmaceutical Council puts a stop to Pre-Registration candidates requesting a remark.

The pre-registration assessment marking system was previously a single marking process.
Unsuccessful candidates had the option to request a re-mark. This service entails an independent assessor manually re-marking the candidates answer sheet at a cost of £110.

Fact : No candidate’s result has ever been changed as a result of a re-mark.

This year, a Five Stage checking process has been introduced by the GPhC board of assessors before the results are agreed. The first stage is electronically. Followed by four stages of checking by hand. There is five different oppourtunities to ensure the answers are interpreted correctly.

Find below useful tips to ensure your answer sheet is without fold nor crease.

Useful  Tips:

  1. Ensure your details are correct and readible.
  2. Use a HB pencil.
  3. Shade your answers neatly.
  4. Write your numbers clearly within the boundary of each box
  5. Rub out any mistake completely and re-write your answer neatly.


Sample Of Community Pharmacy: Pre-Registration Timeline Here

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