Before Contraception Hormones There Was Natural Birth Control

contraception hormones

Contraception is the use of any process, device or drug to suppress ovulation or fertilisation. In the UK they are over 10 methods of contraception.

Women of childbearing age, should have some degree of understanding of contraception in order to avoid unintended pregnancy. Read along and have an understanding of contraceptive methods available in the UK.

1. Natural Birth Control involves the use of three main fertile indicators:
Body Temperature
Cervical Mucus
Length of Menstrual Cycle to determine individual fertile time. Natural birth control is up to 99% effective if used correctly. More information HERE.

2. Condom is know as a barrier method. Condom prevents pregnancy as well as  protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections. when used correctly, male condoms are 98% effective.

3. Hormonal Pill is an oral tablet containing hormones similar to what women produce in their ovaries. they are two types:
the combined pill HERE
Progesterone-Only Pill HERE.

4. Implant is a small rod placed underneath the skin. It releases progesterone hormones. This method works continuously for 3 years.

Contraception At A Glance

Contraception Choice

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Book an appointment at your Doctor’s to discuss a suitable method for you.

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