4 Things You Should Not Do At Work

4 Things You Should Not Do At Work

Here are four things you should never do at work.

1. Do not be Disconnected.
Things Pharmacists Should Not Do At Work. As a pharmacist you have the responsibility of the whole store. You do not need to go down and scrub the dirty floors but it is highly important to render support to the team.
When a team is drowning, provide a floating device.

2. Do not be Distracted.
When at work be present. Do not fall into the temptation to use electronic gadgets to keep you entertained. The rest of  the team will lose motivation  to meet deadlines.
Catch up with EastEnders at the end of the shift.

3. Do not be Boastful.
Everyone knows the role and power of the Responsible Pharmacist.  Avoid hierarchy it will not create a good team. It will just build a wall around and make it hard for the dispensary staff to approach the pharmacist.
No one likes a show off.

4. Do not provide False Information.
Do not provide wrong information. If in doubt, it is better to find the correct answer than to inform patients or staff with the wrong information. It saves everyone the hassle and no wrong information is transferred.
“I do not know, let me find out”.

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