NHS Cyber Attack : Hospitals and GPs Affected

nhs cyber attack

NHS Cyber Attack : Hospitals and GPs across England and Scotland are under cyber attack. NHS Computers are currently blocked by a software pending a ransom of £230 ($300) per computer.

NHS Cyber Attack is treated as a major incident. over 17 Hospitals and GPs cannot access patients data, after their computers have been locked down by a ransomware software program requesting a payment of $300 per computer.

Theresa May says the NHS incident is part of a wider cyber-attack affecting organisations around the world.

NHS digital has released a statement: “At this stage of NHS Cyber Attack,  there is no evidence patient data has been accessed”.

Due to NHS Cyber Attack a few services have been interrupted as well as cancellations of some operations. Hospital pharmacies affected have thereby resolved to hand written instruction labels for patients. NHS incident director Dr Anne Rainsberry commented, “More widely, we ask people to use the NHS wisely while we deal with this major incident, which is still ongoing.”

NHS Digital is working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, the Department of Health and NHS England to support affected organisations and ensure patient safety is protected.

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