Medication During Ramadan

Medication During Ramadan

Medication During Ramadan concerns. Ramadan is observed by Muslims all over the world as a month of fasting during daylight. For Muslims on regular medication, clinical concerns are raised.

Medication during Ramadan: Healthy Muslim adults who have an understanding of the purpose of fasting and have no chronic condition detrimental to their health should observe Ramadan. However, all Muslim want to partake due to it’s benefits. Majority of medications are administered by mouth hence the raising issue.

Medicines viewed as acceptable during Ramadan below:

  • injections through the skin, muscles, veins or joints
  • ear drops and eye drops
  • transdermal patches
  • creams, ointments, gels
  • medicated plasters

Diabetic Patients on insulin that wish to fast should alter dosage regime to account for the change in diet.

For patients on regular Oral Medication, the table below will provide some insights on managing medication properly.

medication during ramadan

ϖ For medicines taken three times a day, it may be possible to move one of the daytime doses to either before dawn or after sunset. Get specialist advice.
ϖ For medicines taken four times a day, get specialist advice. It is possible to change the drug to a modified release allowing patients to take the doses twice a day.


For more information NHS Choices have FAQ put together by medical experts and Islamic scholars and researchers HERE.

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