How To Quit Smoking | Stoptober Part 2

How To Quit Smoking | 8-14days Stoptober

How To Quit Smoking | Stoptober

Great work so far!

It is not an easy ride and I hope you did not think it was going to be a walk in the park. During the journey, withdrawal symptoms start to manifest. It is helpful to recognise these symptoms and how to handle them is a great start in winning the battle.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine Cravings:

This is unavoidable. The best combat will be using the various Nicotine Replacement Therapy to counteract the cravings.

Sleep Disturbances:

This is very common in the first few weeks of smoking cessation and will last for less than a week. It is important to stay active and exercise during the day. This will make you exhausted and ready to sleep as soon as you hit your bed.

Increased Appetite:

Ensure you stock up on healthy snacks and eat small meal portions across the day instead of a large meal regularly.


This withdrawal symptom can be conquered with breathing techniques. Inhale for 4 seconds hold for 7 seconds then breath out for 5 seconds.

These are useful tips to help along the smoke free journey.

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