6 Common Issues Pharmacists Face At Work.

common issue pharmacists

6 common issues pharmacists face at work.

As a Pharmacist, I have come to realise not every dispensary problem affects the whole Team. Most times the pharmacist has to bare the issue alone. Here are common issue a  pharmacist typically deals with.

1. Controlled Drug Balance: 😞
The responsible pharmacist is held accountable for any discrepancy in the register. It is safe to say, a few member of staff have no idea the fuss around a missing controlled drug.

2. Expired Controlled Drug Script:😣
Unfortunately the script can not be dispensed due to the lapsed 28-days validity. All the patient needs is his medication. At this stage you will refer to the responsible pharmacist.

3. Ambiguous Scripts:🤔
Whether it is a hand written script with a unique handwriting, or a computer generated script with multiple directions, if the dispenser can not make sense of it, the next point of call is the responsible pharmacist.

4. Supermarket Pharmacy:😫
Working as a pharmacist in a supermarket during a festive season can have a whole new meaning. If care is not taken, you can spend a chunk of the day at the till scanning frozen turkey.

5. Unmarked Split Box: 😵
This can be frustrating. It raises concerns in the dispensary, mostly leading to an unhappy customer. It also raises a dilemma, is the patient saying the truth, should a supply be made for the tablets missing?

6. Undercut By A Staff: 😱
I personally do not mind other healthcare members providing a valuable input in a situation. However it is an issue when a pharmacist counselling session is interrupted with no concrete evidence.

The role of a Pharmacist has major responsibility and perks, I will not change my career by a heart beat.

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