Get Ready For Flu

Get Ready For Flu

Get Ready For Flu

# Get ready for flu. The NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) reported, In England Over 950,700 flu vaccinations was administered in community pharmacies under the NHS Flu Vaccination Service in 2016/17.
Regardless of the healthy competition between pharmacies and surgeries, almost A Million vaccines were administered by community pharmacists.

Well it is that time of the year again. The flu season is upon us. It is time to put on your armour and fight for the win, let the battle between the surgeries and pharmacies begin again. But first before we get into the battlefield, let’s get ready for flu.

NOTE: Flu vaccine trained Locum Pharmacists will gain booking priority . 


1. Injection Technique & Basic Life Support Training: 

NHS England has determined that pharmacists providing the Flu Vaccination Service need to attend face-to-face training for both injection technique and basic life support training every TWO YEARS. Some LPCs and organisations such as AAH Pharmaceuticals and Buttercups Training Limited are providing training. 

2. Read Service Specification:

The Patient Group Directed will be available soon. However, the PSNC Briefing 055/17: Guidance on the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2017/18 is a good start. It contains a Flu Vaccination Service checklist in Annex 1 HERE. 

3. Declaration Of Competence:

This can be completed on the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) website Declaration of Competence page and select the NHS seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service.

4. Order Vaccine:

The flu vaccine available for use during the 2017/2018 flu season can be found in Appendix F of the Annual Flu Letter CLICK HERE. Along side the vaccine, remember to top-up on Epipen, Gloves, Cotton Wool, Plasters etc.

5. Educate The Team:

The pharmacy team needs to briefed about the service and how to recruit eligible patients. It will be useful to refresh knowledge on cold and flu symptoms.


For More Information Visit PSNC Flu Vaccination Service PAGE HERE 


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