Things Patients Should Not Say At The Pharmacy

Things Patients Should Not Say At The Pharmacy.

Things Patients Should Not Say At The Pharmacy.

Things patients should not say at the pharmacy. Working in retail pharmacies, puts you right at the forefront of customers and believe me they are a bunch of characters out there. Some angry, others happy and some well…
During my early days of pharmacy I will go home and relive the whole harshness thinking how could I have made things better. I eventually realise some people can not be pleased. Instead of beating my self up now, what I do is just roll my eyes and move on to the next customer.
Ok back to today’s post let us have a look at work I have had to listen to recently.

“Can you hurry up I am packed on a double yellow.” 
Hmmm. How about we park legally before we disembark the vessel (hahaha).

“How long will it take, I have been waiting the last half an hour.” 
Actually you handed in the prescription 5:45pm its now 5:55pm.

“Are the two items in the bag?”
Yes. I will hate to deprive you of the second item without an explanation that will be unprofessional/unethical.

“Hopefully my prescription is ready.”
That’s just uncalled for. It is your first time here, give me a chance to mess your script up.

“This pharmacy is completely useless.”
Okay, please do have a nice day.

“I will like to put in a request for everything.”
Everything, is that including the prednisolone you had three months ago

“Wow that was fast I will be coming back to this pharmacy.” 
This comment just warms my heart, Thank You.


What is the best/worst thing a patient has said to you?

Lets carry on the discussion below.

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  • Sarah Ofori
    March 14, 2018 at 17:05

    Love this post! The comment about “How long will it take, I have been waiting the last half an hour.” is probably the most frequent even here in the USA. I don’t think patients understand the things we need to do to ensure their medication safety as well as managing the pharmacy itself.

    • Kaka Osagie
      May 14, 2018 at 18:59

      Thank you very much for stopping by my blog.
      I agree a lot of work goes into dispensing medication safely maybe that should be my next blog post.


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