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7 Key Roles And Responsibilities Of Pharmacy Technicians

7 Responsibilities Of Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are highly skilled healthcare professionals and valuable members of the multidisciplinary team. Here are seven key roles and responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians in Primary Care Networks. 

1. Medications Reconciliation

Review of discharge letters to aid smooth transition of patients from secondary care, primary care by reviewing patients discharge letters and ensure medical records are updated. Including new care home residents.

2. Repeat Prescription

Review repeat prescription protocols and resolve queries such as early request, quantity and overused medications to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Medications Synchronisation

Ensure patients have the right amount of drugs to last a set time to improve compliance and medicine safety.

4. Medication Review

Support Pharmacy team with identifying and reviewing patients. Ensure patients use their medications effectively.  

5. Medication Monitoring

Monitor of high risk medications, request necessary blood tests.

6. Audits

Carryout relevant audits to support and improve cost effective prescribing and enhance the prescribing quality of practices. 

7. Medication Safety

Action MHRA alerts and other safety issues that may arise in practices.

Disclaimer: every PCN is different therefore roles and responsibilities will differ. 

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