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The Real Job Of A Clinical Pharmacist PCN

The Real Job Of A Clinical Pharmacist

Month three as a Clinical Pharmacist and it has been a whole journey. Not only has it been insightful and rewarding, it continuously challenges me to acquire more knowledge to improve patient safety. Do not worry about HR job description this is what I do as a Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice.

Primary Care Network Clinical Pharmacist Key Responsibilities  

1. Medication Reviews 

A major chunk of the work I do as Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice revolves around medication reviews. Either structured medication reviews, clinical review of notes, medication reviews in care homes, medication regime reviews.

2. Medication Queries 

Repeat prescription queries (quantity, overuse, supply issues).
Formulation queries ( switching tablet to liquid form).

Queries from prescribers regarding appropriate dosage, cost effective regime, prescribing of unlicensed medication, recommended deprescribing algorithm.

3. Medicine Optimisation Audits  

Working alongside Clinical Commissioning Group Pharmacist, carrying out audits to optimise prescribing quality, medication safety and reduce spend.

4. Medication Reconciliation 

Review of discharge letters following hospital admission, request necessary blood tests and update patient medical records.  

5. Multidisciplinary Team Member    

Working and learning from a diverse team of clinicians and community service providers supporting Care Homes and improving the care of patients with complex health needs in the locality. 


Disclaimer: every PCN is different therefore roles and responsibilities will differ. 

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