Pharmacist Diary Calendar: OCTOBER

Welcome to the first series of Pharmacist Diary Calendar.

The thought of keeping up to date within the pharmacy world is daunting, especially after a long busy day at work. Do you worry you will miss an event, wonder where to find information or how to stay connected to the pharmacy world? Well, look no further.

Pharmacist Diary Calendar is here to keep you informed with trending events in the industry.

WOW! It’s the tenth month of the year already. It is one of the months with a length of 31 days making my pay-day seem so far :).
Walk through the Pharmacist Diary October calendar, You just might find something interesting.


1st October: National Cholesterol Month.

The entire month of October is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of high cholesterol and raising funds to support The Cholesterol Charity Click Here

3rd October: Quit Smoking.

It is stoptober, stats show if an individual can stop for 28 days they are more likely to quit for good. Find important resources Here.

6th October: CPPE Advance Inhaler Technique Workshop.

This is a practical workshop that will focus   on the importance of inhaler technique in the treatment of asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). More information Click Here.

13th and 18th October: Summary Care Records (SCR) Webinar.

This is a webinar hosted by PSNC. It will cover what is required to go live, the benefits of SCR usage, how to use SCR to improve efficiency and top tips and experiences from user. Register Here

30th October : Daylight Saving Time

The hour lost that we may harvest brings with it the winter flu, with an appearance on the pharmacist diary calendar. Winter is coming, brush up on Winter Health.    

What is on your calendar for October?

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