Pharmacist Diary Calendar: November

Welcome to the Pharmacist Diary November Calendar.

Do you worry you will miss an event,  wonder where to find information or how to stay connected to the pharmacy world, look no further.

Pharmacist Diary Calendar is here to keep you informed with trending events in the industry

Walk through the Pharmacist Diary November calendar, You just might find something interesting.


Men’s Health Awareness Month.

Commonly referred to as Movember. This month is dedicated to ensuring men do not die young. The movember foundation is a global charity working constantly to ensure healthy life for men. More Information Here.


Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

This campaign aims to encourage every individual displaying the common symptoms of lung cancer. Symptoms such as persistent cough, unexplained weight loss or breathlessness. For more information Click Here.


9th November: Retired Pharmacists’ Annual Conference.

The annual conference is a chance to meet with peers, keep up-to-date with the work of the RPS and stay involved.  Register Here.


18th November: European Antibiotic Awareness Day.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats emerging. Bacteria are building resistances to antibiotics used to treat them previously. Antibiotic Guardian puts a pin on the unnecessary use of antibiotics Pledge Here.


25th November: 3rd Year Summer Placement.  

To all 3rd year pharmacy students interested in community pharmacy. An opportunity to experience a summer placement with Lloyds Pharmacy. A detailed post on how to apply will be posted shortly. Subscribe to be the first to know.


What is on your calendar for November?

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