National Stress Awareness Day: 4 Ways To Deal With Stress

It should not be a secret that, stress creeps all around us. Stress waits patiently and jumps on the first sign of any form of physical or emotional pressure from our daily life. Everyone experience stress differently; while others have the capacity to ignore it’s existence, others deal with it properly, there is still a good percentage of the population battling. 

How do we ensure stress does not affect our day to day activities?

1. Identify Stress Triggers
This is the first step in taking back control of your life. Keep a diary of what you were doing, who you were with and what environment you were in, all this information will help you identify circumstances to avoid and give you a better idea of how to manage situations

2. Brush-Up On Organisational Skills
Feeling overwhelmed is a great cause for stress. The sight of the ‘to-do list’ brings with it palpitations. Take a deep breath and priotirise your list. Cut the long list into manageable sizes according to deadlines and delegate where appropriate. Plan a time to relax and rest.

3. Stay Active
Regular exercise has so many benefits. It refreshes the mind, enhances quality of sleep, boosts energy- research has shown it reduces the risk of stress. breathing exercise is also recommended because of it’s calming effects.

4. Talk To Someone 
Being able to share you thoughts with a friend, work colleague or a professional, allows you to process the situation again and have a clear view/solution.

Continuous use of the points listed above will manage stress levels, importantly do not turn to alcohol or nicotine. It might help at first to make you forget your stressed, boost your confidence but over a long period of time it causes more anxiety and damage to your health and well-being. Why not try this Breathing Exercise in times of pressure instead.


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“ Start Living And Stop Stressing…”

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