Must-Have Family Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. My full excitement starts the second week of December, with my ultimate count down to Santa falling off the chimney **exciting**. I look forward to relaxing, spending time with family and friends with so much to eat; truly it is all bliss.

However in U.K. Christmas comes with limited trading hours. Only a handful of stores are accessible. To survive and enjoy Christmas, appropriate planning and organisation is required just  like the elves in North Pole.

Order Medication On Time:

For patients on regular medication, ensure you order enough medication to last you the festive season.
Remember to note the pharmacy opening times to ensure you do not miss a collection.

Restock Medicine Cabinet:

Make a quick list and take a short trip to your local pharmacy, to avoid running out of medicinal necessities.
Include in the list items such as Forehead Sticks for quick relief of headaches, Diarrhoea Relief,  Indigestion Remedy and Pain Killers.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink adequate water at all times. Water has been proven to relieve headache and fatigue.
Water also reduces the effect of a hangover. Have some water in between alcoholic drinks.

Stay Positive:

Every family has it’s perks and having a full house does not make it any easier.
Do not put too much pressure on things being perfect, love every member for who they are and enjoy the moment you spend together.


At Christmas play and make good cheer,  for Christmas comes but once a year. Thomas Tusser


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