4 Secrets To A Fulfilling Community Pharmacy Career

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No introduction needed, let’s just dive in. Here are pharmacistdiary’s 4 tips To a successful Career as a Community Pharmacist.

1. Have a Work-Life balance.

The concept of finding a balance between your pharmacy career and your lifestyle is real. You need to make a decision to maintain balance and stick with it. Working 70 hours a week, month after month and still have a functioning lifestyle, is both physically and emotionally overwhelming. Eventually something will snap.

2. Have Regular Breaks.

A short vacation or holiday makes all the difference in pharmacy career. Community pharmacy is simply  overwhelming. It is highly recommended to take a break and come back feeling energised and refreshed.

3. Be Present.

There is a power of contentment in being present. When you are at work be present. Do not apologise for giving your full attention to your local community. When you are home be present. Do not apologise for being with family.

4. Have A Goal.

Set SMART goals. It does not have to be milestone goals. A goal could be ‘to listen to patient needs’. This allows regular reflection. Track your progress and celebrate wins.

In conclusion they say “The grass is greener on the other side” but what they forget to mention is how often they water their grass.

Yes Pharmacy Career Can Be Fulfilling.

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