A Productive Day Prescription In 3 Minutes 

Things Pharmacists Should Not Do At Work

“I would spend over 2 hours researching how to have a productive day till I realised, I had wasted valuable productive time of my life that I will never get back”.

I read a lot of blog post and watched YouTube videos on how to have a productive day. Following step by step the author’s recommendation and I still did not have a productive day. I was simply mimicking someones life with no significant results to me.
I remember being so obsessed with what the internet defines as a productive day. Thinking about it now, that was my way of procrastination. What a waste of time.

I once read a post that said the key to having a productive day was a good night sleep 😏.
Jennifer Lopez left home at 18, she slept on a sofa in a dance studio for months. I doubt she had a good night rest. But she still woke up and had a productive day. She succeeded and now she’s worth, well her worth is not the point.

Have you read the post that says you need a healthy breakfast to have a productive day. 😏.
Millionaire Chris Gardner, who inspired the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” was homeless with his toddler son while he was in a finance training program. I doubt he could afford a healthy breakfast for two while sleeping on the streets.

I had a breakthrough. My A-HA moment.

The prescription for a productive day is not what you had for breakfast or where you slept. People that have a productive day have two major factors in common. DETERMINATION and FOCUS.
DETERMINATION: you should make a firm decision.
FOCUS: have a clear visual definition of your goal.

Whatever you need to achieve is only visibly if you have determination to achieve your goal. Determination brings about motivation to move a step towards achieving a set goal.
Jennifer Lopez was determined to make a career in the entertainment industry.
Chris Gardner was determined to provide for his son.

Once you have determination and focus, take regular breaks and celebrate every little win. This reenergise your determination.

Yes we need sleep and food but we can still be productive with minimal.

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