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Medicine Safety Workshop For Schools

Welcome To Medicine Safety Workshop For Schools

Pharmacist diary offers Medicine Use and Safety Workshop tailored for pupils between the age of 5 and 11. 
NHS reports an average of 40,000 children hospital admissions yearly. 70% is a result of medicine poisoning. 
As a healthcare professional, it is a duty of Pharmacist Diary to educate schools of the importance of Medicine use and safety.
Thereby reducing the rate of accidental poisoning.

Pharmacist Diary Medicine Safety Workshop is carefully created by a community pharmacist to ensure authenticity and high quality information.
This educational package aims to provide children with a deep understanding of medicine. Therefore a significant increase in the safe use of medicine.

Medicine Safety Workshop For Schools are Educative, Fun and highly Interactive. Pupils will be provided with authentic information and full resources. This will allow them make the right decision when handling medicine.
Lets have a look at a typical workshop itinerary. Medicine Safety Workshop consists of 6 sections and will typically last 50 minutes.

medicine safety workshop for schools itinerary

Medicine Safety Workshop is delivered by a Qualified Pharmacist. A pharmacist who has years of experience in the community sector, speaking to the public on a daily basis. 
This workshop is delivered in various settings; Schools, After School Clubs and Parties.

In conclusion, the Medicine Safety Workshop For Schools has one end goal. To educate the community on medicine thereby creating a safe environment, where sensible medicinal decisions are made.

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