Ten Pharmacy Trends to Leave Behind in 2017

Ten Pharmacy Trends to Leave Behind in 2017

Ten Pharmacy Trends to Leave Behind in 2017

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018. New year brings forth new beginnings and some things should stay in the past.
Pharmacy world experienced a rollercoaster ride in 2017 (2017PharmacyRecap). So many trends need to stay however many things should be locked away and not allowed in 2018. Here are 10 trends we should totally consider leaving behind in 2017.

1. Pharmacy Funding Cuts

This can not carry on in 2018. It is a massive fog bank rolling over pharmacy. This fog needs to disappear. No room for it in 2018.

2. Work Pressure

Yes pharmacy is a business and companies need to make profit but please please please we do not need to go back to cotton trade days.
The way I see it is, If pharmacists get the appropriate staff levels to run the dispensary, pharmacists will stay motivated, be able to offer more services and achieve company targets.

3. Rude Customers

This is just old.
There is absolute no reason to come into my place of work and call me USELESS simply because I suggested you buy your paracetamol instead of an urgent request to the GP during the Christmas rush.

4. Rude Healthcare Professionals

Ok rude healthcare professionals have to be locked away buried right in the bottom pit of 2017.
Customers shout and pharmacists take it but another healthcare professional calling the pharmacy to shout and just be plain rude come on! I thought we are on the same team.

5. Incompetent Staff

No shame if I admit I do not know the answer. To be honest no body knows it all.
Let us just leave all the false information and all the laziness in 2017. Let us make a new year resolution to frequently improve our knowledge so as to support our local community.

6. Impractical Work Shoes

I will put my hands up for this. In my short lived pharmacy career, I have tried a few shoes that was just not practical for work. I am all for looking smart and professional but wearing 10cm heels to a community pharmacy is a NO.

7. Awkward Conversations

Bin it in 2017 please. There is no need for a pharmacist to analyse the pain of constipation with the customer. No need to dissect the details of the vaginal discharge or better still bring a sample to the pharmacy. What happened to making a recommendation based on signs and symptoms.

8. Procrastination of CPD

Leave it behind in 2017. Yup am going there.
So many pharmacist never get round to making any CPD entries for the whole year. In case you miss the memo revalidation is coming in 2018.

9. Delivery Drivers That Do Not Like To Deliver

Am sorry we just do not have room for this in 2018.
You asked for it, you got it so just do it. No body wants to hear the whinge quiet frankly we all just want to get on with it.

10. Out of Hours Calls

Well not a lot to say here. It is only fair to allow the day of rest to be an actual day of rest.

2018 is a new year, new start let us just move forward from these trends/behaviours. They are just not required anymore.

Ten Pharmacy Trends to Leave Behind in 2017

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