The difference in buying a cough mixture from a Petrol Station and a Community Pharmacy

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The difference in buying a cough mixture from a Petrol Station and a Community Pharmacy

8 months ago, Mrs Russell had her first encounter with a tickling cough. She ignored the cough for a few weeks, but it did not settle.
Mrs Russell made a decision to self treat her symptoms like anyone would. On her drive home, she stopped by the petrol station and purchased a cough suppressant. A week later, the cough was still present.

The search for a cough remedy continues.

Mrs Russell carried on self treating, she searched for a solution for this irritating cough on the Cough Cold & Flu aisle of shops . Weeks after weeks, She carried this cough. Eventually she became convinced the cough was never going away.

One day, Mrs Russell walked into her local pharmacy to top-up her trimonthly medication prescribed by her GP.   While she waited, she picked up a cough suppressants to purchase. The counter assistant used the WWHAM technique to establish the suitability of the product for Mrs Russell. Mrs Russell was immediately referred to the pharmacist.

With the patients concern, the pharmacist conducted a full drug history and it was clear the culprit for the course of the cough. ‘The good old Ramipril

The pharmacist explained to the patient the reason why she had a cough for 8 months and nothing brings about a solution. The pharmacist explained the side effects of Ramipril as:
Ramipril inhibits the breakdown of a substance in the body, this substance travels to the respiratory tract (throat, lungs) and settles. This causes an irritation hence the cough. This side effect is fully reversible once the drug has been stopped. 

Mrs Russell was generated an Intervention & Referral form to take with her to the GP.
A month later, Mrs Smith came back to the pharmacy to show her appreciation, at last she is relieved from the dry tickle cough.

What is the difference between buying a cough mixture from a Petrol Station and a Community Pharmacy?

A community pharmacy provides tailored health service. Even thou the products on the shelve are the same, the products are accompanied with counselling points and further recommendation is clinically verified. Now you can never get that from the supermarket nor a petrol station.

It is the duty of the responsible pharmacist to ensure all members of staff are fully trained and equipped. Using the WWHAM technique to provide good health advice and identify warning signs on when to refer patient. a good community pharmacy experience.


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