CPD Entry Mouth Cancer Action – Be Mouthaware This November

Mouth Cancer Action

CPD Entry Mouth Cancer Action – Be Mouthaware This November


Name of entry: 
Mouth Cancer

Date identified:
03 November 2017

What do you want to learn:
Signs and symptoms of Mouth Cancer.

How is this learning relevant to the safe and effective practice of pharmacy and to your scope of practice:
November is Mouth Cancer Action month. My current role in the community pharmacy puts me at the forefront of patient care. Learning about mouth cancer is relevant to my practice because the earlier a case is spotted the probability of saving a life is significantly increased.

Tick one or more methods that you used to identify what you needed to learn:
Reading Journals.
This learning need was identified with respect to my current role.


When will you need to have achieved this:
18 November 2017

Why is this learning important to you and your practice:
This learning is important to me becuse it will provide me with relevant information to allow me to involve, support and enable every patient when making decisions about their health,
care and wellbeing. I will also be able improve patient care with the new knowledge I will gain.

What might you need to do in order to achieve this learning?

1. Read Cancer Research Webpage


  • Discusses various symptoms.
  • Reveals stages, grades and types of mouth cancer.
  • Webpage contains clinical trails in the UK.
  • Practical and emotional support for patients with mouth cancer.

2. Study NHS Choices Mouth Cancer page


  • Highlights symptoms.
  • Contains information on various types of cancer.
  • Provides information on diagnostic procedure.

3. Read website


  • Defines mouth cancer.
  • Readily accessible
  • Recently updated
  • Causes of mouth cancer outlined


What have you learnt? 
I learnt

  • Mouth cancer can start in the lips, gum and soft side of the mouth.
  • More than 7000 people have been diagnosed with mouth cancer in the last year.
  • The use of tobacco and alcohol increases the risk of mouth cancer.
  • Regular dentist examination is recommended so as to identify anything unusual.
  • Mouth ulcers, unexplained lumps in the mouth that lasts more than 3 weeks should be investigated further.
  • A diet rich in vitamins A, C and E, provides protection against the development of mouth cancer.


Give an example of how you will apply what you’ve learnt to your practice?

I will ask relevant questions when handling patients with reoccurring mouth ulcers, I will encourage regular dental check ups and improve healthy lifestyle.


CPD Entry Mouth Cancer Action – Be Mouthaware This November


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