Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Entry: Heart Failure

Pharmacist CPD Entry Heart Failure

Pharmacist CPD Entry Heart Failure

Pharmacist CPD Entry Heart Failure is an entry by a busy community pharmacist that starts from ‘Action’. Today’s post layout follows the GPHC CPD framework.


Name of Entry :

  • Heart Failure

Describe the activity you undertook which enabled you to learn something new:

  • I undertook the Heart Failure Module on the Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning (HEARTe) website LinkHere

Date Undertook:

  • 06/05/2017

Describe what you actually learnt from this activity:

  • I learnt the definition of Heart Failure to be a complex clinical syndrome of symptoms and signs that suggest impairment of the heart as a pump supporting physiological circulation.
  • I learnt the cause of Heart Failure can be grouped into two. 1. Damage to the heart muscle. 2. Excessive workload of the heart.
  • I learnt about the treatment plan of Heart Failure. ACE inhibitor + Beta Blocker + aldosterone antagonist. Loop diuretic is added if water retention present.
  • I learnt about Self Care and Management for patients with Heart Failure. 1. patients with Heart Failure should aim to consume less than 2g of salt per day. 2. it is advisable to have an annual Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccination to protect against infection which can cause the heart to strain


How has what you’ve learnt actually benefited your practice or what will the benefit to your practice be ?

  • The practice service users where able to receive relevant and authentic information regarding Heart Failure, and ways to improve life expectancy.
  • My colleagues have confidence in my knowledge and are able to discuss treatment plan and dosage regime.
  • My organisation are able to host and run healthy living campaigns knowing they have a pharmacist ready to educate the local community.

Give an example of how you’ve applied or how you will apply what you learnt to your practice ?

  • I will use my knowledge of self care and self management during medicine use review to educate patients with heart failure. thereby helping patients to manager their condition appropriately. I will ask heart failure patients question such as: what medication are they taking and how are they taking it?

What do you intend to do next  ?

  • Nothing I have learnt enough for what I need.

Pharmacist CPD Entry Heart Failure

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