CPD Entry Flu Vaccination

CPD Entry Flu Vaccination

CPD Entry Flu Vaccination

The Flu vaccination season is upon us. This is an ideal time for a refresher course on everything Flu which will serve as a great CPD entry.


Name of Entry :

Flu Vaccination

Describe the activity you undertook which enabled you to learn something new:

I enrolled in the ECG Vaccination Theory Online Course. The course covers the theory of vaccines and the practical aspects of vaccine administration. The course content is aligned to the PHE standards for immunisation training and The Green Book.

Date Undertook:


Describe what you actually learnt from this activity:


  • the aims of immunisation, the immune system and how vaccines work and the different types of vaccines and their composition.
  • the skill of communicating with patients regarding current issues and controversies surrounding immunisation.
  • obtaining consent before carrying out vaccination, data protection and professional accountability.
  • the importance of keeping an accurate, accessible documentation of vaccine administered.
  • safe storage, handling of vaccines and the correct way of administrating vaccines.
  • adverse events including faint, anaphylaxis and panic attacks and how to identify and manage each incident.


How has what you’ve learnt actually benefited your practice or what will the benefit to your practice be ?

As a community pharmacist, it is essential for safe and effective practice; I must develop my professional knowledge and competency on flu vaccination. This learning will ensure an up to date knowledge, skill and performance.

The community residents are able to receive flu jabs in a timely and professional manner.

My organisation are able to provide NHS and private vaccination services to the community. they have a pharmacist ready to educate and safely administer vaccination.

My colleagues have confidence and are able to discuss benefits and misconceptions with customers based on the information I have shared with them.

Give an example of how you’ve applied or how you will apply what you learnt to your practice ?

I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills on Flu Vaccination through out the course of the week. I was able to communicate effectively with patients on issues such as: the side effects of flu vaccination, the misconception that a flu jab can give you the flu.

I safely ordered and stored vaccines as I set up a flu clinic in my local community pharmacy.  I then correctly administered vaccines to twenty five patients while keeping an accurate accessible documentation.

What do you intend to do next  ?

Nothing I have learnt enough for what I need.


CPD Entry Flu Vaccination Completed

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