New Style Pharmacist CPD: Sunburn

New Style Pharmacist CPD: Sunburn

Planned CPD

What are you planning to learn?

I want to learn about Sunburn injuries and how to protect the skin for the sun. I would like new knowledge about sun protection and recommended treatments for sunburn. The weather in the UK this summer has been hotter than usual and hence an increase in sunscreen enquiries. As a community pharmacist, I am among the first healthcare professional to come in contact with patients in need of advice for sun care. This learning will give me the confidence I require to speak to customers and better in my role as a community pharmacist, it will also ensure my customers gain appropriate information on suitable suncream / treatments. 

How are you planning to learn it?

I have pulled up relevant information on sunburn from reliable sources such as NHS.UK and responding to minor ailments CPPE package. My company had a useful guide on choosing the right sun protection for different skin types. 

Give an example of how this learning has benefited the people using your services

During the hot summer months, our pharmacy has experienced an increase in sun protection queries. I was approached by a customer looking to buy sun protection, that will be suitable for the whole family. I had the confidence to explain in clear terms and was able to advice and recommend a suitable sunscreen. A young lady with a minor sun burn at the back of her neck also came into the pharmacy seeking help. Using my knowledge from the learning a was able to draw up a tailored care plan for the customer. Both customers left the pharmacy very satisfied with the service. 


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