CPD Entry Bereaved Customer

CPD Entry Bereaved Customer

CPD Entry Bereaved Customer

CPD Entry Bereaved Customer is based on the reflection of a community pharmacist. To be able to gain knowledge which will be relevant to customers and service users.


Name of entry:
Bereaved Customer

Date identified:
25 May 2017

What do you want to learn:
How to provide support and accurate information to a bereaved customer.

How is this learning relevant to the safe and effective practice of pharmacy and to your scope of practice:
A pharmacy being the first point of call for the local community, meets bereaved customer for various reasons such as returning unused medication for safe disposal. In order to provide complete patient care, it is important I learn how to support and signpost a bereaved customer.

Tick one or more methods that you used to identify what you needed to learn:
Critical incidents talking to colleagues/peers/peer review.
This learning need was identified with respect to my current role.


When will you need to have achieved this:
01 August 2017

Why is this learning important to you and your practice:
This is highly important to me because, as the responsible pharmacist in the community sector, I am the first point of call for patients. I will like to gain the knowledge and information to support and signpost bereaved customers appropriately. This is important to the practice because, the practice has a duty of care to the public.

What might you need to do in order to achieve this learning?
1. Study NHS Choices Bereavement Page.


  • Accurate and regularly updated information.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Relevant information all on one page.


  • No visual learning material.

2. Watch Bereavement Coping Videos


  • Real life stories narrated.
  • Visual illustrated information.


  • Possible information contamination.

3. Revisit CPPE Communication Module


  • Evidence based information.


What have you learnt? 
I learnt about

  • The different stages of grief.
  • Different ways of coping with bereavement.
  • Bereavement in children and young adults.
  • Tips on basic lifestyle changes to recommend to customers.
  • Verbal and non-verbal skills required to communicate.

I have an up-to-date local bereavement service list.
I gained experience and information from real life stories.



Give an example of how you will apply what you’ve learnt to your practice?

When next a customer comes in needing help with bereavement, I am able to offer them a sit in the consultation room and listen effectively. I am able to advice on useful lifestyle tips to aid coping with bereavement. I am also able to refer them to the right organisations to gain further support.


CPD Entry Bereaved Customer

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