4 Free Courses To Grow Your Career in Healthcare

4 Free Courses To Grow Your Career in Healthcare

With many resources and qualifications available today we will be looking at 4 important courses to boost your career in Healthcare.

1. Change Management

Many people associate ‘change’ with fear and anxiety but unfortunately we can not stay away from ‘change’. Organisations embrace the change culture to ensure adaptation and improvement. Having a change management qualification is essential in advancing careers in Healthcare. It provides knowledge necessary for implementing and sustaining organisational change initiatives NHSE/I runs a free 2 day course Click Here.

2. Leadership

Learning the act of leadership is important to progress; to be able to formulate objectives and a process driven approach for team members to execute. NHS academy runs a six weeks leadership foundation programme called Edward Jenner.

3. Management Qualification

Health Education England in partnership with NHS Management and Leadership Skills Programme proceeds a good starting point for aspiring managers.
NHS Academy Mary Seacole six month development programme is also a good start and community pharmacists  can access for free via CPPE

4. Analytical Skill

Basic analytical skills are used to improve health services offered.  Data is analysed to ensure problems arising are solved and informed decisions made to improve services. All the skills required to achieve this are analytical skills. A basic understanding of Excel Spreadsheet and graphs can be achieved on YouTube.
Google Digital Garage posted a free course on Improving Communication Skills ideal for workplace.

Thank you for reading! Having the initiative to research available courses is a great start in advancing your career in healthcare; do not be anxious to take action.

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  • Nomfundo
    November 6, 2023 at 18:44

    I would like to further my studies as Pharmacist I’m still a Pharmacist assistant I want to know if it possible


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