Pharmacist Stress Calculator What is your Score

Pharmacist Stress Calculator

Pharmacist Stress Calculator

Pharmacist Stress Calculator What is your Score?

Being a community pharmacist is among the toughest jobs in the UK. The stress level can raise easily in minutes. The time it took me to go and get a glass of water from the staff room was all it took to come back to a chaotic pharmacy with voices at highest pitch possible.

Have a go at the stress calculator today 

Stress Score Calculator

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1. Customers Shouting

How many times do you get customers raise their voice at you?


2. Multitasking

On an average how many tasks are you executing at any given moment?


3. Work-Related Stress Incidence

How often do you experience work-related stress?


4. Salary

How much do you get paid per hour?


5. Unpaid Overtime Per Week

How many hours of unpaid overtime do you accumulate weekly?


What is your Pharmacist stress score? Comment below


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