5 Benefits Of Being A Locum Pharmacist

locum pharmacist

Lately, the media seems to talk about all the negatives and changes going on with Locum Pharmacists. No one actually talks about the other side of the coin ‘positives of being a Locum Pharmacist’.

Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a career as a Locum Pharmacist.

1. Company Politics:

Truth be said, some of us are just not interested in company politics. Some of us do not want to be involved with rota schedules or who gets promoted or who is authorised on the dispensing course or not. Being a Locum Pharmacist allows you to walk in and provide the best patient care you can and go home.

2. Work Life Balance:

It is so much easier to have a social life as a Locum Pharmacist. You will have the opportunity to pick which days you work and how many hours to work.

3. Management Skills:

You are constantly working on your management skills. Everyday you sign-in as the Responsible Pharmacist, you are presented with the opportunity to run different teams in different environments. You know what they say “practice makes perfect”.

4. Job Security:

Yes! Every year we have a fresh set of pharmacist no doubt, eventually we will have an oversupply of pharmacists. However they are areas in desperate need of pharmacists.  Think about it this way; being a Locum Pharmacist gives you the opportunity to explore England.

5. Salary: 

Despite the drop in hourly rate of locums, on average a Locum Pharmacist earns more than a store-based pharmacist in the community sector. Pay rise also comes once you show credibility.


These are a few attractive reasons to be a locum. Of course we are all individuals with different personalities “my Yum could very much be your Yuck.” 🙂


Have I ignited the Locum light in you? Check out PharmacistDiary Step by Step Guide to Locum Pharmacist. 

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