CPD Entry Vascular Dementia

CPD Entry Vascular Dementia

CPD Entry Vascular Dementia


Name of entry:
Vascular Dementia
Date identified:
23 June 2017

What do you want to learn:

I would like to up date my knowledge on vascular dementia.

How is this learning relevant to the safe and effective practice of pharmacy and to your scope of practice:

In 2015, 720,251 of the 856,700 people in England live with dementia. This learning is relevant to me because, as a pharmacist I have duty of care to the increasing number of patients diagnosed with Dementia. Community pharmacy is situated right in the heart of local communities to in order to provide first-class services, outstanding support, and to share relevant knowledge.

Tick one or more methods that you used to identify what you needed to learn:

Critical incidents, personal interest.
This learning need was identified with respect to my current role.



When will you need to have achieved this:
05 September 2017

Why is this learning important to you and your practice:

This learning is important to the growth of my profession. I will be able to present relevant up to date knowledge to diagnosed patients and careers. Signposting patients with dementia to appropriate healthcare professionals and organisations to improve outcome of life.

What might you need to do in order to achieve this learning?

1. Visit Alzheimer’s website


  • Easily accessible
  • Contains information about various types of Dementia.
  • Provides visual illustration to aid complete understanding.
  • Carries updated information on current research projects.
  • Information is supplied in various methods including British Sign Language Video.

2. Study NHS Choices Vascular Dementia page


  • Easily accessible
  • Reports current clinical trails of dementia.
  • information for carers.
  • Contains information about living with dementia


What have you learnt? 
I learnt about

  • Vascular Dementia being the second most common type of dementia (after Alzheimer’s disease), affecting around 150,000 people in the UK.
  • The reduction of blood flow to the brain, which damages and eventually kills the brain cells is the cause of vascular dementia.
  • Various type of Vascular Dementia; Stroke-related, post stroke related, single-infarct and multi-infarct, subcortical and mixed dementia.
  • Most common cognitive symptoms in the early stages of vascular dementia; slow speed of thought, short periods of sudden confusion e.t.c
  • Risk factors of developing vascular dementia; cardiovascular disease, genes, lifestyle.
  • Drugs which are routinely prescribed for Alzheimer’s Disease do not have benefits for vascular dementia.
  • Treatment involves drug and non-drug treatment, support and activities.
  • How to help and advice carers.



Give an example of how you will apply what you’ve learnt to your practice?

I will apply the knowledge I have gained during consultation with recently diagnosed vascular dementia patients. I will be able to explain the condition more and signpost them to where they can get all the help they need.


CPD Entry Vascular Dementia Complete


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