How To Quit Smoking | Stoptober Part 1

How To Quit Smoking | 0-7days Stoptober

How To Quit Smoking | 0-7days Stoptober

Aside from shinier hair, whiter teeth and clean nails they are massive financial and health benefits to quit smoking.

The first step to your quit smoking journey is to document why you want to quit. This will be a constant reminder of what you will benefit at the end of your journey.
It is also important to spend a few minutes thinking about what triggers cigarettes cravings, at what time do you smoke more. This provides insights to how dependent you are on nicotine and a clear vision of your smoke free journey.

Willpower goes a long way on the smoke free journey however the use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is shown to double individual’s success rate. NRT will provide nicotine to the body without the poisonous substances found in cigarettes.

Choosing the right NRT:

Patches: It provides sustained release of nicotine during the waking hours to control carving.

Inhalator: This is the ideal choice if you will miss the hand to mouth gesture. It is recommended for light and heavy smokers.

Nasal Spray: Suitable for dependent smokers requiring fast acting relieve of craving.

Gum: great for breakthrough craving. You should chew the gum until it tastes very strong then park it between the gum and cheek to absorb into the bloodstream.

Microtab Sublingual Tablet: Ideal if you want a discreet product. Place the tablet under the tongue and allow to dissolve.

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